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Now to those unfamiliar with this story the headline alone may sound either creepy or…well maybe just creepy! So let us explain how it came to be that Jay Electronica of all people ended up with Kate Rothschild who is from a family that has literally run the world over the last say 250 years or so! says,

“Rothschild and Electronica know each other because, at some point in life, Rothschild decided that the most interesting way to spend her family’s fortune was to start an indie record label Roundtable Records, a name that resonates with New World Order conspiracy buffs.”

Alright so now that we understand how they crossed paths, now lets discuss the circumstances that occurred while they were getting together!

According to The Daily Mail,

“Ben, son of the late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel, and brother of MP Zac and journalist Jemima Khan, married Kate, daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild and Anita Patience Guinness, in 2003. Last May, however, the dream turned sour when Ben allegedly found illicit text messages on his wife’s phone, revealing she was having an affair with Jay.

Kate announced to the world that Jay, whose career she manages, ‘saved my life in many ways and I am eternally grateful to him’. Jay moved from his Belgravia home to an apartment in Kensington, so he could be even closer to Kate.”

We just don’t even know where to go with this story other than to say you must watch the video below that is supposed to be “breaking down” the relationship between rapper Jay Electronica and billionaire Kate Rothschild. Let’s just say it’s a very unique definition of the Illuminati and Jay Electronica’s new position within it! You can not make this stuff up! Watch the video below!


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But did he really say Jay Electronica looks like he smokes crack? That just happened? Wow! And the way he goes about narrating the entire video is a whole different topic!

We don’t know if he has it as figured out as he seems to think he does. We really respected Talib Kweli’s version of what the Illuminati is all about. If you recall he broke it down pretty well a few weeks ago! Refresh your memory below.

We don’t think we could have said it better than Talib Kweli said it! His breakdown of what the Illuminati is about was stellar. But in the end it’s sort of hard to know what the deal is with a secret society if you are not apart of that secret society! But isn’t that the point of the society being a secret in the the first place? We’re just sayin!


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