Before listening to Yeezus make sure you listen with a VERY OPEN mind! Kanye on his past albums like 808 and Heartbreaks and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has been known to think way outside the box, and far from his previous hip hop and pop hits, well Yeezus is no different….

Yeezus is one of those albums artist release every once in awhile where they seemed to be in a crazy time of their  life and just completely missed wide left. If you love hip hop this is NOT the album for you, at times during the album you might think Kanye is getting crazier and darker with every song, a great album for motivating someone to lose their mind or to pump up a listener to do something insane. However, I did enjoy two tracks  ”blood on the leaves” and Bound 2 which has a feature from Charlie Wilson, the song has a nice creative blend of sounds from the 60′s and 80′s. All the other songs personally were a lil too dark for me.

Although, Yeezus is extremely different from the lyrical genius we know Kanye can be, he may gain some new fans from this new sound, prolly internationally. Personally, I rather spend my money on J.Cole’s Born Sinner tomorrow, in other words….DENY son.

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