Wale is waxing poetic about why he appears as a statue on the cover of his new album, The Gifted, and his reason for the artwork. In essence, it’s about what’s important to our culture, he says.

“Everybody asks me, ‘Why do you got a statue for your own cover? A statue of your face? That’s bold. That’s vain’,” Wale said.

“But, I like it, because that’s what the story is about–vanity, within myself, within the country, within urban America. It’s about the things we hold important to ourselves: We see a drug transaction going on at the bottom, it’s about women, you see that Jesus piece in the corner…”

See Wale Explain the Cover of “The Gifted” in His Own Words Below!

“Does he think he’s a God? What is it?” Wale said people have asked. “I’ll tell you why. I’m part of one of the only genres that doesn’t appreciate growth, doesn’t appreciate evolution, doesn’t appreciate the nostalgia of anything it was created on.”

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