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Restaurant powerhouse Landry’s is being sued by a group of employees in Massachusetts who claim they’re owed millions in lost wages due to tip sharing.

According to the suit, the Rainforest Cafe in Burlington, Mass., violates a state statute by allowing their hosts to share tips meant for the waitstaff.

The Mass., tips statute says restaurant employees who do not serve food can’t dip into the tips jar.

Attorney Hillary Schwab with the Boston-based law firm, fair work tells News 92 FM that’s not right.

“It also allows Landry’s to save their payroll expenses, and instead of them paying a fair wage to their hosts, they’re requiring their other employees to supplement the hosts income with their own tip.”

The class action suit was filed monday in Mass. state court.

Landry’s, the Houston-based parent company, has 20 days to respond.

“It could be something where the case goes all the way to a judgement from a court or a verdict from a jury. Or it could be a case where the parties resolve the case in a class action basis sometime before that”

Two employees are named in the suit on behalf of hundreds of employees who could be involved and Schwab says the dollar amount in damages could be in the millions.

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