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FOX 26 news personality Damali Keith is taking some heat with viewers after she said she’d support random house searches for sex slaves after three women who were missing for nine years were found Monday night in Ohio.

Read More: Women Missing For a Decade Found Alive in Cleveland Home

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were held captive against their will by three men, NEWS 92 FM reports.

Damali took to Facebook this morning and wrote:

Too many women are being tortured & held as sex slaves locked in someone’s dungeon created in their home. One way to stop it is to have random searches of everyone’s home. Would you be willing to have your home searched???

The response has been pretty negative, with comments ranging from “Not sure that’s constitutional” to “Do you smoke crack?”, and Republican activist Jason Baldwin said the comments made him angry.

“It’s the most Un-American thing I have heard,” he wrote. “Once again our media is acting like Obama trying in steal fear in us to try and attempt to take away our rights. Law abiding citizens should not have to give up a single right due to thugs breaking the law.”

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