Note to the rest of the world: You can mess with our governor because he’s a public figure, but you cannot mess with Texas. We took a beating in the newspapers this week, garnering two attacks so personal, it could spur some of us to go whoop some ass.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel began the week with a laughable claim that somehow the Windy City is smarter than Texans, as Gov. Rick Perry went to the city to tout Texas as a place to move their businesses.

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According to the Chicago Sun Times, Emanuel, the former Obama White House chief of staff, said Chicagoans were more educated:

The reason companies are moving to the city of Chicago is because we have…the most modern universities. We have a college-educated, trained workforce at 35 percent. And the national average is 27 percent. And they don’t have that in Texas.

What Emanuel fails to recognize Texas, too, is above the national average at 32 percent for students attaining a college degree, associates to graduate.

He also fails to recognize while Chicago has a single tier one university–University of Chicago– Houston has TWO: Rice and the University of Houston. Fail.

But, the Godfather’s treatment of Texans isn’t nearly as bad as the Sacramento Bee‘s take on Perry’s grab for businesses. Rather than keep it focused on the governor, they went the extra mile to poke fun at the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

See The Sacramento Bee Cartoon Here and Judge For Yourself!

In a letter to the editor of that paper, Perry said he wouldn’t stand for such a response, according to the Washington Post:

While I will always welcome healthy policy debate, I won’t stand for someone mocking the tragic deaths of my fellow Texans and our fellow Americans

All in all, a bad week for Texans in the media.

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