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These two, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are entertainment moguls who have each been scrutinized for what others would measure as outlandish behavior.

With Kim’s infamous sex tape co-starring music artist Ray J and Kanye West’s unwarranted lash outs at award shows and well, just about everywhere, these two never fail to keep their name’s buzzing in the media.

There’s inescapable drama following the couple especially with Kim’s alleged “fake marriage” to basketball player Kris Humphries and Kanye’s newest album reportedly titled “I Am God”.

You would think that these individuals would find comfort in one another since both have been so harshly judged by the pubic, have experienced immense fame and celebrity, and both have faced hardships in their family.

Naysayers relish in the thought that the two are together to further their dire need for attention. But, whichever reason influences their love does not much matter at this point, the newest with these two is the announcement of their pregnancy. This baby will make the first for both Kim and Kanye.

Lavish baby showers with celeb friends, expensive gifts and the whole nine! Exciting right? What will they name their baby? Its been buzzing that they’re considering the name Krist.

Oh my, oh my! There’s already talk that this name is influenced by Kanye’s alleged tie with the Illuminati.

Are these people right, or is this just a conspiracy theory? What are your thoughts on it? Before you decide check out the video that supports this speculation.

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