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Looks like Lil Wayne is back up and at ‘em, and in typical Weezy style he’s all the way turnt up.

The Young Money rapper recently released a video to TMZ, thanking fans for their support during his weeklong hospital stay after suffering massive seizures. During the minute and a half video, he shows no signs of illness or recovery. After dishing his thank yous, the rapper goes on to talk about concerts, his new album, a barbecue and even hanging out with fellow rapper and friend T.I. — who later joins him in the clip.

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“I just want to say thank you to y’all for y’all prayers and y’all concerns and all that. I swear to God I felt that love when I was laid up in that mother f***ing hospital bed. I want all y’all to know that I’m good. A n***a more than good,” he said.

“Also, my bum a** album still coming out March 26, I Am Not a Human Being II. You can go get that if you want. But if not, it’s all good, whatever. Also, I’m still going on tour, America’s Most Wanted Tour [with] my closest friends in the game. Speaking of my closest friends in the game, I got my n***a right here to elaborate on that subject.”

T.I. enters here.

What’s happening? What’s happening? You good, I’m good, we good, it’s all good. Ain’t nothing to it. Aye hustle game, Young Money, partner. I hope you brought money because it’s going down…July 5th. Get you some barbecue on fourth come holla at us on the fifth.

If you were expecting Wayne to take it easy during his first few days out of ICU then you were sadly mistaken.

Check out the video here and tell us what you think!


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