I know it’s been a long time, B. Lots of things have changed. You’ve gone from a talented little girl with stars in her eyes, into a beautiful accomplished woman that little girls look up to in the blink of an eye.

Your music has grown, too–-from the sugarcoated pop of a teen embroiled in all the hardships and drama of youth, into the soulful siren song of a generation of women and men looking for love. In a world that has had no true new diva since Dianna and Madonna,  you have proved you are the one with every new release and tour.

You made your money, made history–even got the band back together–moved into the Carter household and now you have your beloved baby, Blue. But, I will never forget the girl from Houston with the megawatt smile–the girl who made her city, state and people proud and continues to do so today.

I’m your biggest fan, B. I’ve got the posters, the CDs, I’ve interviewed you, played basketball against your dad and you once even gave me the privilege of being center stage with you while you sang a song to me and the thousands of fans at a Houston show.

It’s been a long time, B. Isn’t it about time you caught up with your hometown, with your boy J Mac and talked about what Mrs. Carter cares about – makes her tick and shared in the love of true fans?

Get at me B. It’s time for a hometown interview, back where it all began.


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