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In other Jackson news, Omarosa Manigault of “The Apprentice” fame is suing La Toya Jackson for defamation of character. The newest season is the All-Star edition which both women are on, and while in the board room seeing who was going to be fired, La Toya made some pretty nasty comments to the reality star.

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“Omarosa’s fiance passed away not long ago. He had a heart attack – I’m sure she gave it to him,” La Toya said referring to Michael Clark Duncan who passed away last year, according to Radar Online. La Toya ended up being fired, so her statement held no weight in the boardroom (not even sure where it would have been okay to say this about anyone, but whatever).

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“She’s a conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke … and I thought Mr. Trump was falling for that fake cry. Such a lie!” she continued. Whoa! If you look at the video clip on the next page, it seems that a lot of people on the show seemed to think Omarosa was also faking.

Because of her statements Omarosa, who is now a reverend, is firing back. It has not been said how much she will be suing for since official papers have not been drawn. Below is a statement from Omarosa’s attorney.

“Rev. Manigault has been heralded as a life saver for her actions on the evening that her fiancé suffered a life-ending heart attack. It is because of her bravery that Mr. Duncan — the love of Rev. Manigault’s life — was able to live for months beyond that tragic night. Mr. Duncan passed away from natural causes.

“Ms. Jackson made the statement immediately after having been “fired” off the show, and blames Rev. Manigault for her loss. It is repulsive and of the lowest level of class for Ms. Jackson, who showed herself to be a “sore loser” in making these disgusting statements in the wake of Rev. Manigault’s tragic loss.”

“As her counsel, we have been directed to pursue these defamatory statements to the fullest extent of the law with La Toya Jackson and any other participating publications or media outlets who repeat or repost these statements.”

Watch the video on the next page.

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