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Ladies! I have a friend who’s been dating a guy she likes but he keeps on letting her down! To help her move on, we compiled “10 Signs You Should NOT Date Him” to help her out in the future!

Check them out and share if you agree!!

1. He always talks about himself. Ladies, if this guy talks about his life all the time, and doesn’t ask things about you and what’s going on in your life, then you may want to reconsider whether he is even interested in you!

2. He always cancels or is late on dates. He makes you wait on him all the time??? Ain’t nobody got time for that!! He’s showing you he doesn’t consider that your time is valuable, with him or not!

3. He doesn’t keep his promises. Ladies if he is says alot more and does a lot less, then trust will be a big issue for you later. We love men who are consistent and who do what they say they will do.

4. He always tries to keep tabs on you but you rarely know where he is. He’s clearly trying to make sure you don’t run into him at the same spot with someone else. We peep game!!!

5. He doesn’t make you feel special. Any guy who is truly interested in you will show it in ways of courting you, doing things you like, introducing you to new things, flirting, complimenting you and making you feel like you are #1.

6. He lies. Don’t ignore your intuition. If this guy gives you excuse after excuse about being sick, or going to bed early, or going out of town to see his “play cousin” and you feel it’s a lie, nine times out of ten, you’re right.

7. He criticizes you more than he compliments you. If he always wants to criticize and you rarely hear him compliment the great things about you, then why is he dating you? Clearly he doesn’t like you for who you are!

8. He always talks negatively about his ex. He is showing you that he is either not over this chick or has some serious issues with not taking accountability.

9. He doesn’t pay or offer to pay when you got out. Ummmm….kindly get up, walk out the door, and never look back. You just saved tons of money, you aren’t a sugar momma and we don’t take care of grown men!

10. He shows signs of insecurity. This is why he criticizes you, talks about himself and all that. It’s to make him feel good because he may be intimidate of you or just has issues with himself that he needs to deal with. Let him deal with those issues alone or else it will become your issue too.

Happy dating!

Leave a comment below with any other tips we may have forgotten!!

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