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Marlon Wayans Jumpoff Goes Off On Twitter, Says She’s In Love With The Comedian

Yesterday we told you about Marlon Wayans getting caught cheating on his baby moms of 12 years, well the jumpoff Shannon Nadj is baring her feelings for the comedian on Twitter.

I couldn’t get the screen grabs because her tweets are protected but you can go HERE to see her talking reckless on Twitter and professing her love for Marlon.

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I went digging to find out more about said mistress and got the scoop courtesy of lipstickalley:

Shannon and they have been together for a very long time. I’m really surprised that this is the first time that they have been caught by the paps because I believe they live together and she travels with him quite often. Anyway, she used to (or still does) work for American Apparel (Corporate) and actually did some modeling for them in their ads back in the day. Marlon takes care of her, to my understanding, and when she’s not w/ him she’s doing yoga….hence her body! Not really sure what’s going on w/ him and his BM, they must obviously have an arrangement b/c Shannon gets the majority if not all of Marlon’s time. She’s no secret in their inner circle…she’s played her part well! I don’t really have much more than that but thought I would share.

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