(Tel Aviv)  —  An Israeli woman says she wants more than just an apology from the government after road workers found a creative way to accuse her of parking illegally.  According to Orange News, Hila Ban Baruch was ordered to pay more than 250-dollars plus towing costs after she allegedly left her car in a disabled parking space in Tel Aviv.  But Baruch soon discovered a surveillance video that showed a road crew painting the disabled parking space around her legally parked car.  The angry motorist posted the clip on Facebook with a caption calling the surprising behavior just another way Tel Aviv officials try to “[suck] more blood.”  The city hall has since issued an apology and waived Baruch’s fine, but that may be too little too late.  She says she’s considering legal action, adding that she doesn’t “plan to keep quiet, not even for a moment.” 


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02-07-2013 01:14:10

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