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As much as I clown on the radio, most of you know that behind the smile is a

serious man. Growing up I did not have it all – less than many, more than some but I did have enough. Enough love from my parents to keep me in school and not become a statistic, enough belief in myself to know that with hard work and timeI could make my dreams come true and enough help from positive mentors like my boy the Madd Hatta and Terri Thomas along the way to ease my road to success.

One question I get asked most by parents Is how do I help my child to get where

you are today. How do I help my child understand they can be anything in spite

of the obstacles they may face? My answer is always to teach them the value of

hard work and support them along the way. But I know things aren’t that simple, that even the best-laid plans sometimes end in failure.

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