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Grantland caught up with Denzel Washington and during their convo, the Academy-Award winning actor who is generating new Oscar buzz with his latest hit, Flight, noted that contrary to what you may see online, he’s not exactly a stickler for social media.

He explained:

Daniel: So when people need to get in touch with you, what happens?

Denzel: They call the house, and I check the messages when I get home.

Daniel: [Laughing.] Wow. I like that. Old-school.

[Denzel smiles.]

Daniel: But I did see you have a Facebook page — and it did seem like maybe that might have been you on there?

[Denzel looking at me skeptically .]

Daniel: There was a message last week: “Happy Friday, everyone, stay blessed and prosper well”?

Denzel: Nah, I don’t have a Facebook. What is it? Just people do that? Pretend to be you?

Daniel: Yeah, there was a Twitter thing, too — but just two posts — Same thing: “Hello Twitter world — Denzel”

Denzel: [Laughs.] Really?

Daniel: Yeah. But it’s not you.

Denzel: Not me!

Meanwhile, Denzel also shared a story about the time the late King of Pop rolled up to his house and ate up all their fried chicken:

Daniel: How about … Michael Jackson?

Denzel: Michael had fried chicken at my house.

Daniel: What was that like?

Denzel: That was cool.

Daniel: So you invited him to your house?

Denzel: He came over, I forget why, I think my wife had invited him, and he came over, and I was like, “He can eat!” He was going to town, man.

Daniel: What year of Michael was this? This was Bubbles-era Michael, or …

Denzel: We were in our old house, so it had to have been before ’99. We moved in ’99.

Daniel: Right, and anything that you remember other than he ate a lot?

Denzel: I just remember my kids coming downstairs and just staring at him. They were just standing there like [imitates shocked face]. I said, “Say hello,” and they go, “Hello Mr. Jackson … OK, good-bye.”

Daniel: [Laughs.]

Denzel: They were just like, “Michael Jackson’s in the house.”

You can read the rest of “Dinner With Daniel: Denzel Washington” at Grantland.


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