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Taneshia Hudspeth, Elections Administrator with the Harris County Clerk’s Office answers questions for listeners regarding the voting process in Harris County for the upcoming Election 2012.

Topics discussed were dead voter letters, voting backup plans, voting by mail deadlines, and if you are intimidated by poll watchers on election day!

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On the dead voters letters:

Nothing will take place as far as moving them from the voting roll for November’s election, however those voters should call the office and verify that you are still eligible and registered to vote at 713-368-2200.

On if they have a backup plan should the machines stop working:

We are using the E-Slate electronic system in Texas approved in 2002, most counties in Texas are using this and it is the most efficient system in the US. Its very easy, easy to understand, you cast your ballot and should anything happen, we have a Mobile Ballot Box.

Voter Registration Deadline:

Tuesday, October 9th will be the last day to register to vote. The voter registration cards have to be received Tuesday at the registration office before the end of the day, not postmarked.

How do voters confirm that they are registered to vote in Harris County. will allow you to check if you are registered, who represents you or you can call 713- 378-2200.

Do you qualify to vote by mail and what is the deadline?

Persons that qualify, the last day to apply to vote by mail is by October 30th and postmarked by this date.

To qualify, you have to be at lease 65 years, sick or disabled, outside the county before or after the election date, confined in jail but not convicted and also college students who are not at their permanent physical home address but maybe living in another county where their school is located.

What to do if you are intimidated by poll watchers:

Call 713-755-6965 to reach the call center to report the incident or call law enforcement.

For more information call 713 274 9550 or