Check out photos of President Obama and the first family landing in Washington, DC.

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As election season comes to an end, it’s time to shift the dialogue happening around our country. It’s time to begin a dialogue about moving forward. What does the next decade look like for our country and how do we begin to take steps to change the national dialogue? Four years ago, we found our […]

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ABC confirms President Barack Obama has won re-election. Early Wednesday morning, Obama spoke to a crowd of supporters in Chicago, showing appreciation and talked about why elections matter. Watch below: Listen below to President Barack Obama’s Victory Speech RMX with Good Music’s ‘Clique’ Thanks to all of you, our loyal listeners for voting in this […]

Lady Gaga spoke with our sister station ZHipHopCleveland.com about the importance of keeping democracy in America and why she voted for President Barack Obama. “I did a lot of research and dove into Romney and Obama’s plan because I just wanted to make an informed decision….Obama has always taken into consideration the importance of social […]

Chris Rock went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show with a message for white voters.  

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Taneshia Hudspeth, Elections Administrator with the Harris County Clerk’s Office answers questions for listeners regarding the voting process in Harris County for the upcoming Election 2012. Topics discussed were dead voter letters, voting backup plans, voting by mail deadlines, and if you are intimidated by poll watchers on election day! Click below to listen or […]