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I may have stumbled across a sure-fire way to choose a loving husband. I am starting to notice a trend in the #LoveCapacity Quiz Data. I was doing some cross examinations of men versus women and husbands versus wives. The couples that are reporting to me as “Happily Married–” the husband is consistently scoring higher than the wife on the #LoveCapacity Quiz. Additionally, when the wife receives a higher score than the husband, multiple couples are reporting to me as “Needs Work” or “Unhappy.”

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So have your boyfriend take the quiz and if he scores higher than you, he could be a loving husband or I guess you could be really, really bad at love. Let’s add a caveat. If he scores a “5” and you only score a “2,” let’s assume that my assertion does not apply to your relationship.

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This research would support my principle that “All marriages are either successful or they fail based solely on the leadership of the man.” However, I can’t release this information to the public yet because I don’t have enough statistical data to back up my assertion. My sample size is too small. So I need some help. I need all husband/wives to take the #LoveCapacity Quiz and Click Here To Read More!

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