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CLOSE – Rapper Slim Thug stopped by to talk about his new book How To Survive In A Recession.  We talked about how his new book gives financial advice and everyday tips for up and coming rappers but for ordinary people too.

One chapter in his book that I found interesting is called “Abortion” and during the interview Slim even said that “sometimes abortion is necessary”.

People are against abortion, but I think it ain’t good to have a baby and not be with the father. My mother, she took care of me but she worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and I seen how much of a struggle it was. It was so hard coming up, I don’t even know who my daddy is….So, I don’t like that.

A kid deserves both parents in the home, so if you ain’t gon be with somebody i don’t think you need to have a kid with them….even though I got 3 baby mommas.. (laughs)….it ain’t easy and it ain’t right …but we good.

Watch the full interview below to hear why Slim Thug says “Sometimes Abortion Is Necessary”, why he downsized from having 12 cars to now 3, why he moved out of a 7000 sq. ft home to a loft downtown and whether or not he will settle down and get married one day…

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On whether he will settle down:

I havn’t found nobody who would make me do it yet…women are expensive, and the headaches they cause can be crucial. Im so focused on getting to the money. Right now I just wanna move at my own pace and do what I wanna do.

Slim’s book is available via major online retailers.


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