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CLOSE sat down with Houston’s own Slim Thug to talk about what it was like working with a major label (Interscope) compared to his independent hustle and how they both take hard work and will have ups and downs.

He also says he’s been really focusing on creating with producers, staying in the studios more than ever before and is focusing on making music that is “fun”. He also says that he would like to see more of his music exposed because nationally people still link him with the hit single, “Still Tippin'” when he has released so many songs since then:

I just want the music to be heard…when we go to New York, we still doing “Still Tippin” and I don’t like that sh**! And thats because I’m independent so my songs don’t get that worldwide push.

Well this year Slim declares that he is doing the new album ‘Hogg Life’ from his heart and he isn’t signed with anyone.

A man with plenty of options, Slim adds that he isn’t against shopping it to a major to see if they are feeling it or even going the independent route again, it’s just all depends on the best deal…now that’s a “BOSS”!

Check out the interview below: