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Failed novelists over at The National Enquirer have a imagined a new chapter in their ongoing saga, “Khloé Kardashian’s Daddy Ain’t Her Daddy.” As they alleged previously, O.J. Simpson is in fact her real pops. This time, they’re saying Khloé  Kardashian knows this to be true but wants to wait seven more years before finding out “the truth.”



Khloé , her sisters, Kim, 32, Kourt­ney, 33, and brother Rob, 25, were all left with a trust from Kardashian’s estate, but they can’t cash in until they turn 35. And Khloé  is not about to kiss off easy money by discovering she isn’t rightfully part of the inheri­tance, note the sources.

Because you know, members of the Kardashian family are really, really strapped for cash – even Khloé  despite being recently named one of the top five highest paid actresses/TV personalities in Hollywood.

But if you need a fiction fix, here goes the rest of the tale:

O.J. had an affair with Khloé ’s mom Kris Jenner while she was still married to Kardashian, according to the family friend.

And The ENQUIRER recently pointed out that although Khloé  doesn’t look like her sisters, there is a startling resemblance between her and the disgraced football star’s 26-year-old daughter Sydney.

Kris confessed in her memoir that she “fooled around” while married but never admitted to having sex with O.J. Meanwhile, the attorney and the football legend had been very close friends since the early ’80s and often partied together before Robert divorced Kris in 1989.

“O.J., his wife Nicole, Robert and Kris were all wild back then,” said the family friend. “Kris crossed the line and slept with O.J. more than once.

“It  was one of the main reasons Robert divorced Kris and blamed the whole thing on her.”

After talking to her mother about what happened, Khloé  believes O.J. is her biological father and plans to eventually find out for certain, according to the

family friend.

“She wants the absolute truth,” added the friend. “But she is very happy to remain a Kardashian until she turns 35.”


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