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The plot thickens. After going AWOL for a week, Katherine Jackson is finally breaking her silence concerning the media circus that is her family feud. The matriarch of the Jackson family read a prepared statement on Nightline challenging the court stripping her of guardianship of Michael Jackson‘s children.

Yesterday, Katherine Jackson’s grandson TJ Jackson was appointed as temporary guardian of Michael Jackson’s children. Mother Jackson says she doesn’t know who told him to do that because he was begging for her to come home the day before he signed up to be Paris, Prince, and Blanket’s guardian. In her statement, Katherine said she “told him it wasn’t necessary for him to go down and sign up for guardianship, but I don’t know who instructed him to do that … ’cause he wanted me to come home before that happened.”

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When speaking about the ruling in general, Katherine Jackson said the ruling was based on fabrications and are without merit. “Their ruling in court today was about the guardianship, and I think it was based on a bunch of lies. But I have a good idea who’s doing that … who’s behind it.”

The comments of Katherine Jackson directly contradict legal documents filed by TJ Jackson. He told the courts his grandmother supported his attempts to become his cousins’ legal guardian. Katherine also said she left specific instructions about who was to look after her grandchildren while she would be away. The 82 year-old woman mentioned her assistant was keeping her in touch with Paris, Prince, and Blanket while she was in Arizona. However, she gave up her phone because she wanted to relax and not be disturbed.

This just continues to sail down a strange river. Katherine looked like she was being held against her will when she read the statement and Janet, Jermaine, and Rebbie sat by her side with the sternest of looks on their faces. There is definitely something going on in that family that a therapist won’t be able to help. This family needs all types of Jesus or whatever higher power they believe in because this is some mess.



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