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~by @jjonthemic

The countdown is on!!! My daughter will be coming back to H-Town in mid-Aug so  I decided to fill my days with fun activities until it is time to buckle down and get her ready for Kindergarden!  Yesterday I headed over to Top Gun to release some stress!  I haven’t been to the gun range since I was about 14 or 15.  My daddy (a former cop) use to take me.  When I arrived I was asked what type of gun I wanted to use.  Uhhhhhh…the kind that shoots? I was clueless on the gun types.  So I told him to pick one for me.  He chose a Glock 19. Not as much power as a Glock 22 which most Police Officers use but it was enough for me.  I had to take a brief refresher course that demonstrated how to load the ammunition and use the gun.  Afterwards I put on my protective ear covers and eye wear and shot off a few rounds into my “Green Guy” target.

I’m not a big fan of guns.  I really just wanted to relive a memory of my dad who I miss dearly. I understand that I am in Texas and it seems like EVERYONE has a gun! But I just want to remind you to make sure your gun in legally registered, you know how to properly use it and store it away from kids.

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