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Times are hard for Chris Bosh’s baby’s mother.

It’s being reported Chris Bosh’s former live-in girlfriend, Allison Matthis, who eventually had his child is being forced to apply for food stamps because she was just laid off from her secretarial job. Matthis was recently let go by a construction company where she worked as secretary. As a result of being laid off, Matthis is turning to government assistance.

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Another result of Allison Matthis’ being laid off is her home is dangerously near foreclosure. Matthis says the amount of child support Bosh pays isn’t enough to cover the mortgage. Bosh pays Matthis $2,600 a month. However, Bosh makes $18 million a year and according to state regulations, someone making that much money should be paying in the ballpark of $30k a month.

Matthis isn’t asking for more child support, but do you think Bosh should help her out being that Matthis is the mother of his child?



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