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Word on the street is that Kanye was embarrassed when Kim K finally got her wish to hang with Beyonce and acted like a groupie!

Here’s what I found out:

Kim messed up when she went backstage at Beyonce’s recent Revel concert. She took the bait and everyone was pissed she acted liked a groupie taking pictures. Kanye was embarrassed because he talked to her about this. He told her to quit acting like a groupie. No one wants to be bothered. She has not mentioned him lately not even Paris. She will say she’s been working a lot but she was not allowed to go to Paris. Kanye will talk to her about it again when he gets back to LA.

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She got to meet Beyonce but was warn no picture. She was not to tell the magazine about it but yes she ran her mouth. So yes she was setup and took the bait. If she never ran her mouth to the magazine she could had went to Paris and chill with Bey and the ladies. Gwen didn’t want her around. Kelly told Bey what the deal with Kim and not to trust her.

She got to see Blu but her phone and any electronics was snatch when she enter that area.

Just as I predicted! Kimmy did managed to attach her name to Beyonce!


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