This past weekend I went back home to see my father in the hospital.  While internally my fathers condition is not good…on the outside he has been smiling, joking, laughing and talking crazy.  This year my father has spent more days in the hospital than at home.  It’s been kinda hard for me since I live so far away but I try to talk to him as much as possible.

I am amazed at how he can remember the names of every nurse, doctor, physician assistant, etc.  I couldn’t even remember where I parked my car at the hospital.  :-/  While I was there we watched TV, talked about the old days, I listened to him tell me funny stories of things that happened to him on the golf course.  My dad is a retired police man and has so many crazy stories from being on the force.

I really value the time that I spend with my dad.  This time however was pretty difficult because one of our talks included “The Conversation”.  We had to talk about his last wishes, funeral ideas, etc.  I just realized that there is no “good time” to talk about these things.  During this conversation I realized that I should probably get a will together for myself and think about who I would have as a Power of Attorney should anything happen. Doing these things is so important.  It prevents your family from having drama during a sad time!  Here are some sites that I thought could help you out and give you some things to think about.

Talking to Parents About Death

How To Make A Will

Why You Need Life Insurance

How to plan a funeral or memorial service

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