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(New York, NY)  —  When it comes to dating, fresh breath is one of the essentials.  While roughly half of the 18-to-34-year-olds taking part in the latest Dentyne Safe Breath Survey say it would be hard for them to keep dating someone with wrinkled clothes or sweaty palms, 86-percent admit it’d be tough to accept a second date from someone with bad breath.  In addition, 48-percent say they would end a relationship with someone who had chronic bad breath, and 76-percent feel bad breath would be an embarrassing mood killer during an intimate moment.  But most people realize the importance of fresh breath when it comes to meeting a potential date.  More than 70-percent admit they feel less confident when an opportunity arises with stale breath.  However, people have to monitor their breath themselves.  Eighty-five-percent say they’d have a harder time telling someone they had bad breath than to inform them their zipper was down.


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