Sign up to be a member of my team for the Houston AIDS Walk 2012!!! Click Here!!

1. I don’t walk too fast – you may be concerned with the pace of the walk.  Don’t worry…I will be taking my time because I really want to talk to EVERYBODY on my team!

2. Walking burns calories- We all could afford to burn a few extra calories right?

3. My daughter really wants you to walk too!  This is a picture of us at last year’s AIDS WALK in Indianapolis! We need to make new friends here in Houston…so join us!!!!

4. Everybody else is doing it! (Peer Pressure?)

5. What would Jesus Do? – OK OK…maybe that is going too far since I don’t know who Jesus would walk with but I really would love for you to walk with my team!  Real talk…I have lost 2 Uncles to AIDS. Ever since I have made it my mission to educate people about HIV/AIDS and the importance of knowing your status.  I don’t just walk because it is something that the radio station is a part of…I walk in memory of my Uncles and the other people I know that have HIV/AIDS.

Sign up to be a member of my team for the Houston AIDS Walk 2012!!! Click Here!!

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