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Despite how harsh, Wendy Williams can sometimes come across, her recent advice to Fantasia is dead on!

Fantasia who just had a baby with Antwaun Cook,  who is separated from his wife but still very married, complained about Cook contributing financially to his and her relationship. If she expects a still married man, employed at T-Mobile to support her lifestyle, then she is crazier than most thought.

Fanny who hasn’t had a hit record since…(we’ll wait) should listen to Wendy’s advice:

“Fantasia, you knew he was married and unavailable to you when you started sleeping with him. A separated man does not make a single man; it means he’s separated. Fantasia, this wasn’t even a down-low relationship because you paraded him on the vacation where we all saw you all celebrating your ‘love.’ Fantasia, I dont know whether it was a broken condom or maybe you miscounted the days if you happen to take a pill, but all I’m saying is you had control over this entire situation and as a wife – and I always root for the wife – you were dead wrong in this one, Fantasia.

“I would never say that you get what you deserve, but Fantasia, you haven’t sung in ages. You’ve got a family that we all saw on that great reality show that bloodsucks financially off of you and you weren’t in the position to have another child – especially with a married man who already has two kids who works at the T-Mobile store. Fantasia, he’s not gonna marry you because it’s cheaper not to divorce his own wife – unless you go multiplatinum in which case [you’re] not gonna marry him because [you] know he’s using [you.]

“Fantasia, get back to work. Don’t count on him for much. Take him to court if you want. Good luck with everything.”

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