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The Polichic, Christina Sanders, talks to Nnete in Conversations about the Top Five Stories to Watch Out for in 2012!

Top Five Stories to Watch Out for in 2012

5. Republican Presidential Nominee — The competition will be happening next week and we will see which candidate will win in Iowa and go on to new Hampshire. By March and “Super Tuesday” 2012 we will officially have a nominee that will be running against incumbent President Barack Obama

4.Voter ID Laws: Dozens of states across the country have had new laws pass that change the voter ID laws for those states. The Attorney General just denied South Carolina Voter ID Law and we are  crossing our fingers here in Texas. If the passed Texas Law were to go into affect it would immediately disqualify 600,000 voters that  are currently registered to vote.

3.Eye on the Mid-East: As the President promised , the troops are home and were home from Christmas. American troops are no longer fighting in Iraq and it seems as if Iran might be started some mess. The European Countries and America are both isolating Iran and they are getting mad starting to request that we come back and babysit them.

2.Supreme Court Speaks:The Supreme Court will be deciding on the contriversial Arizona SB 1070 law that would require law enforcement to ask for the “paper” or proof of citizenship of any persons walking around that looks illigeal ; the court is going to be reviewing the healthcare bill passed by the Obama Administration and they are also going to be reviewing the Texas redistricting maps. They are going to be very political and very busy — lets hope we don’t get any flashbacks from Florida 2000.

1. 2012 General Elections: The Presidential elections are upon us! This election cycle is promising to be exciting and engaging. The 2008 election broke records and by all estimates this 2012 election with break those records.

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