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Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White, stars of Tyler Perry’s latest TBS sitcom “For Better Or For Worse,” have fierce words for his critics, “it’s just hateration — especially if you don’t do nothing!”

In a small luncheon with several bloggers last week at the Essence Magazine offices, the actors couldn’t sing Tyler’s praises enough. They both emphatically agreed that their working relationship with Perry is “extremely collaborative,” and that he “trusts them completely.” White mentioned that of all of the creative battles they’ve fought with director, they’ve only lost one. That happened to be the scene Tasha Smith may be most remembered for–the infamous “dinner” scene in Why Did I Get Married? “I really didn’t want her [Angela] to tell him that she slept with another man at the dinner table,” said Smith.

Smith and White lost that fight with Perry and the rest is now pop-culture history, or the future, since their characters from that film (Marcus & Angela) are the stars of “For Better Of For Worse.”

But Smith & White insist, all Tyler Perry is not created equal.  “Meet The Browns may not have been my cup of tea, but to say there’s no difference, that’s just not true,” says White. “All of his content is not the same.”

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