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UsWeekly Magazine announced the winners of their Most Stylish New Yorkers of 2011 competition. And among them were Lala Vazquez and her hubby Carmelo Anthony, super-producer Pharrell, singers Ashanti and Estelle, actress Taraji P. Henson and the entire band The Roots.

Here’s what they had to say about their style:

Ashanti: “Being on stage, I used to feel more comfortable with jeans, boots and a top. But now it’s nice to show the legs a little bit. Especially if I’m going to the gym, I might as well show it!”

Estelle: “I love by legs and my boobs. I love my arms. I’m an equal opportunity lover of my entire body. I’m not egotistical about it. I put it all out there.”

Taraji P. Henson: “People that dress me call me a paper doll, because I’m open to everything. I like to have fun!”

Pharrell: “I prize all of my clothes in the same way because they’re each different modes of expression. Trying to choose a favorite is like asking what part of your vernacular is worth more than the other. Words are words and they help you to express yourself, and the same is true for a piece of clothing.”

Questlove: “For every sharp-dressed man, there is a woman influencing his fashion.”

Carmelo Anthony: “In New York I can really express myself in the way I dress. The city inspires my creativity.”

Who do you think looked best? Who do you think was robbed?

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