Adult film star Roxy Reynolds stopped by the Box studios to chop it up with ya boy G-Man and DJ J-Que and you know we had to get down to the juice about the business of adult entertainment and movies!

Check out the video below as Roxy talks about her start in the business, what the qualifications are to be the leading man in her movies, what it’s like to be a female boss of Hardbody Entertainment, beef between different adult film stars, and the secret sextapes artists like Ashanti and Slim Thug have floating around? ummm….Why don’t we know about this?? hmmmmmm……..We need to do some more investigation on this one!

On male “size qualifications”:

To star in a movie with Roxy, she says that “you must be a 9″ or more guy and I do bring out the ruler!”

On Ashanti and Slim Thug sex-tapes, whether sex-tapes are planned, and if she thinks they are competition:

“Ray-J and Kim Kardashian was a set up, and these celebs know what they are doing. I don’t feel like it’s competition because it’s not their real profession….Ashanti’s sex-tape was hilarious, she was in a car…it’s pretty old though… and Slim Thug?…I was kinda surprised and didn’t expect him to have one but he does.”

On her sacrifices she made to be in the adult entertainment business:

“I gave up having a serious boyfriend and having children to be in the business….I did have a relationship, but he and I are no longer together, we formed a company partnership instead and are really great friends now.”

On pairing up actors and actresses for films:

You have to be really mindful when pairing people up because they all have different levels of experience and attitudes, certain people who don’t get a long can’t do a scene together – it just won’t happen.”

Roxy’s Fave/Least Fave Pop Quiz:

Fave Sound: Ass Clapping

Fave Word: Harder

Fave Food: Turkey Sausage

Fave Movie: Sex In The City

Fave CD: Love Vs. Money – The Dream

Fave Scent: Clean Pu**y

Fave TV Show: How to Be A Millionaire

Fave Roxy Flick: “Hit It While It’s Wet” (Hardbody Ent.)

Dream Job: NBA Personal Training cuz I like to stretch ’em

Fave Thing About Your Best Friend: Threesomes

Fave Thing About The Music Biz: Owning my own company

Least Fave Sound: Gagging when giving oral

Least Fave Place: JAIL

Leave Fave Word: Can’t

Least Fave Food: Pork

Job You Would Hate: Sanitation Worker

Least Fave Thing About The Music Biz: Discrimination

Best Gift You Ever Received: Diamonds

Best Gift You Ever Given: Diamonds

Biggest Misconception About You: I Don’t Do Anal.

Guilty Pleasure: I’m a Party Animal and I like Orgies.

Words Of Wisdom: Put God first and you will go far. We all have our sins, I just do mines in front of the camera!

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