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“Basketball” ‘wife,’Royce Reed, was a “victim” of twitter hacking last night when her account (@roycelr) was taken over, putting her relationship with Dwight Howard on blast.

As you know, Royce is banned from mentioning Howard’s name on television, her twitter account, in interviews etc,etc!!!

Check out the tweets:

Let’s get some sh*t straight. Royce on here pretending like she ain’t scare of superman. That nigga used to beat her ass. What fool you know don’t talk about his child ever on his timeline and don’t want his baby momma posting pictures on her twitter? My nigs and my females stay putting up pics of they kids. @mattbarnes_22 stay talking bout his twins and @rashard_lewis main picture was him and his daughter.

This b*tch Royce trying to pretend like things ain’t messy when this nigga done threatened her life and made her buy bay clothes and toys cause it ain’t a good look for him. Lets keep it real since you all on here saying Royce the releast. Why his people pretend like you were forced? Nah b*tch you scared. I can’t stand a weak woman.

Speak the f*ck up. Dwight f*ckin’ Howard. Hoooowaaarrrdddd. What you got to hide? Got this and your child beggin you to be with your kid. Admit you was lying. Acting like you was working it out with her then slept around with 30 p*ssies in a year and got gonorrhea twice. Ya nigga. I know you. You laughed at that sh*t at yo house. Thats why I don’t do yo dirty ass no mo. You fake image having nigga. Wake uuup Royce. Erase this s*t from yo life too.

Within seconds of these tweets hitting Royce’s account, they were erased and Royce’s brother tweeted the following:

I don’t know, this sounds suspect to me.

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