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A recent study was done at in regards to the NAACP nominating hip-hop artists like Jay Z and Nicki Minaj for awards, when they use derogatory terms toward women and the “N-word” in their raps. The survey sparked from

The survey posed this question to participants: “The NAACP Image Awards recently nominated artists like Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj, both of whom have used the N-word and lyrics which degrade women. Does this make the NAACP hypocritical?”

According to, over 83% of African Americans responded stating that the NAACP was contradicting  it’s values and image for nominating these hip hop artists, while 5.8% of those surveyed stated that the NAACP might be contradicting themselves however, using these artists in their nominatins helps them to stay popular, while another 10% disagreed altogether and saw nothing wrong with the nominations.

Of course, a lot of the disagreement had to do with age, while most of those surveyed under 30 stated that they saw nothing wrong with the nominations while those over 50 stated that they were being hypocritical.

Typical. It’s funny to see how the times have changed and opinions vary in different generations!

Tom Joyner also responded to the survey results stating that “giving awards to hip-hop artists is a way for the NAACP to remain prime time”.

It seems as though the arguement is whether or not the nations prime civil rights organization should be involved in the entertainment business in the first place. Of course, times are very different now and the entertainment industry is definitely more advanced than what it used to be. It is understandable that the NAACP would want to stay relevant with this generation, but is the entertainment award show be the best way to do that, and is nominating vulgar hip-hop artists a contradiction of their image?

What do you think??

Read the full article here.

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