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HISD is in a tough spot. At stake, 200 million dollars from the state of Texas. It is money lost due to budget nightmares. Cuts are imminent, and last night, HISD hosted a meeting full of hundred of parents and students.

“For one of my children, making the decision to decrease the number of teachers and increase the classroom size is the difference between him being a college bound student and not,” said parent Robyn Perry.

At the center of a heated debate; what will happen to the district’s 113 magnet schools. 25 of them, including those at Sharpstown and Madison high schools, are slated for the chopping block. They are programs that have high academic ratings and focus on specific student talents.

According to Vicky Hayes, whose daughter is part of Houston’s magnet program, “Right now, we’re getting 691-dollars per student. And they’re about to cut us down to 250. I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to be involved in the magnet.”

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