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Yesterday Trent from sent out a Twitpic to Elliot Wilson of of what is supposed to be Lil Kim’s Black Friday CD. Wilson infamously “blacked out” on Lil Kim when he put down his $9.99 for the download on PayPal only to be told–like other fans–that the CD would be shipped to them weeks later. Jones claimed she sold over 100K copies of the CD in one day.

However, as the March 4th deadline approaches many fans are wondering if their CD’s will actually show up.  While Kim did say she was autographing each mixtape no one thought they’d be on homemade Memorex’s. But it is a recession and folks gotta cut corners  (which is why she should have just let folks download digital copies in the first place, isn’t that what your song said, girl?).

Anyway, what do you think, is this how Lil Kim is doing her fans? Did you order a Black Friday CD? Let us know in the comments!


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