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The Robert Glasper Experiment show at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Manhattan last Saturday turned into a Kanye West confessional as he, Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco took the stage to rock with the band.

Although Lupe was already slated to be a special guest on the show, Mos and Ye were surprises.

Kanye used this platform to vent what seemed to be pieces of a written verse infused with what he was feeling at the time over a backdrop provided by Glasper’s band.

The blog, CiscoNYC captured the audio as Mr. West began to express his sentiments about his frequent outbursts, the backlash he’s received since the MTV Awards and other criticisms he’s faced.

Ye rapped that Mos Def called him to warn him about “playing with them White folks.”

“Can’t even take a piss, they gon’ test your urine/cut all the sponsorship for the touring,” spit Kanye.

Kanye has a clever way of being entertaining even when he victimizes himself and spills truth.

Peep some of the standout bars that addressed his issues.

“…people try to tell em that I hate the Whites, cause I say what’s right…”

“‘So where the Dark Fantasy tour at Ye?’/I don’t know ask Hennessy…”

“This is like the Neo-Emmett Till/whistlin’ will get your ass killed…”

“Let’s have a toast for the douchebags/and Black people want to talk about me on blogs, because I like clothes like, ‘look at this fag.'”

“…all this Illuminati talk, like my first hit single wasn’t Jesus Walks.

Yeezy went on to speak about the MTV Awards where he rushed the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

“…from my last breath, they kicked me out the awards and my n**ga Diddy left.”

He also shouted out Steve Stoute who made a recent statement against the Grammy Awards, then he went on to say, “now I’m scared of the Grammys/’cause everybody know that Dark Fantasy was the highest rated album in history, get me?…so I just avoid it, not to be exploited/not be recorded.”

The mention about the Grammys led most to believe he would not accept an invite when his latest album is eligible for nomination or he simply does not want to be disappointed by not winning.

The Chicago emcee got a heavy load off of his chest and closed declaring that having money, power, and being Black is too much for America. “Pick two or they’ll kill you,” rapped Yeezy.

Do you agree or is Kanye just on a cyclical path of putting his foot in his mouth so that he has something to rap about?


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