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Eric Williams, the husband of “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams has opened up to about his failing marriage, his on-screen portrayal, and what advice he’d give to other women that strive to be in her position.

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On Whether He Was Ever In Love With Jennifer

Yeah, we were. In the beginning, things were great. There were a few infidelities here and there. We had ups and downs, but we didn’t get married until after I was out of the NBA. We had a lot of great times. It’s only been lately that things are going south.

On Why He Won’t Attempt To Make The Marriage Work

I tried. She’s going on these shows and blogs talking all this sh*t. You don’t see me doing it. I’m sure you’ve heard her on radio stations and all that, talking about she’s not wearing her ring and all of that. Every picture she takes, she has her left finger up, and it’s like, what the f*ck is wrong with you? She’s putting the information out there. I stay quiet. She’s got mother f*ckers talking crazy and trying to offend me, saying I must be gay and I’m ugly as hell. I don’t get down like that. These people don’t know who they’re f*cking with, seriously. I don’t play around with this bullsh*t. Don’t play with me.

Advice For Women Who Date Athletes Or High-Profile Men

When you go into it, go in with the purest of hearts. If you’re going to be in a situation like that, keep everything in the house no matter what it is. If it’s f*cked up, get the f*ck out. Don’t wait around and look for rewards. If you’re in it for ulterior motives—to be in the clubs, the blogs and on TV—then get the f*ck out of there. It’s going to eat your ass up and you’re going to end up being passed around to every other mother f*cker out there.

On What He’d Like People To Know About Him

I’m emotional too, when it comes to my wife, but I’m not emotional to the point where I will act all crazy or something like that. My thing is, for the women that have been watching for the past year and a half and making up opinions about me, Eric has passion. Don’t look at it like Eric is mean or some sh*t. My thing is 100. Everything that I’ve ever done on that show has been pure passion. Why do you think [Jennifer] fell in love with someone like me? There’s a reason. I don’t live my life for other people’s opinions. I haven’t cut corners; I’m straight to the point. Women always want someone that just says it and now that you’ve got a mother f*cker saying it, now they’re like, “He’s mean.” Make up your minds! I didn’t go on trying to act sh*t out, I’m not an actor. READ MORE HERE!