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Who do you think is tougher!?

Well apparently Coolio!!! If you remember DMX was supposed to fight Eric Martinez (pro fighter) for a charity event in Alabama…

BUT for reasons unknown DMX pulled out of the event. Now there have been a lot of speculation as to why the rapper backed out of the fight (call it being scared OR the simple fact that it wasn’t going to be rigged), BUT now it looks like another rapper is stepping up & ready to fight!

COOLIO!!! That’s right… word is, the rapper has confirmed that he will be in Birmingham for the fight & he DOESN’T PLAN ON LOSING!

“I’m not a good loser, so I don’t plan on losing, it will be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to seeing my fans out in Birmingham… I’m scheduled to perform on December 11th, the night of the weigh-in and I’ll rock the mic the same night after I beat up Martinez.”

– Coolio,


Coolio Confirms Replacing DMX In Boxing | DMX | Rap Basement