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Short and sweet, doesn’t have to mean perfectly neat and boring. If neat and boring describes how you’ve been wearing your short “do” lately, then read this entry closely, because it’s your time to look like the fashion-forward contemporaries you see here.

The first step is getting a healthy dose of confidence and saying this affirmation until you believe it – “messy” isn’t a dirty word.” Unfortunately, many stylists have conditioned us into thinking that having no strand out of place before leaving the salon or home is the way you should always look. I believe differently.

Have fun with your hair and jazz it up with some of these cool hair products that make the masses ask as you walk by, “I wonder who does her hair?”

You not only expose you’re fierce makeup skills and vivacious personality when you go short, but if your hairstyle reads conservative, it looks as if you’re taking yourself way too seriously.

Show less restraint and a lot more funk with Cynthia Bailey’s style with products like American Crew Molding Clay & got2b inplay Sculpting Paste ($6.29, The former is a men’s line of products which works wonderfully with coarse hair. The latter is a fantastic molding paste for all textures of women’s hair and you’ll love the pleasant smell. Get her spikey look and create definition by using a dime-size of product and roughing up your entire head until you get the shape you want.  Use very little to get the wispy pieces that appear throughout Nicole Ari Parker’s or to just define the front of your hair like Nia’s (click here to see Nia’s hair). Note: What all three styles have in common is a good, essential cut. You need this first before you try to create texture.

To learn about molding products that work on damp hair or about the product that Beyonce’s stylist created to keep your hair slick at the neck click here.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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