Ted Williams, the homeless Ohio man whose voice of gold got him off the side of the highway and into the hearts of the media, may be the greatest story of this short New Year.

And it got us to thinking. Are there any rappers whose prominent rap vocals alone could attract the same response?

Here are 10 rappers who have voices that standout above the rest. Now, if they could go from talking for loose change to getting offers from major labels, you be the judge.


Combining a harsh baritone with a rapid-fire flow, the man right chea, has one of the most distinct rap voices all of time.


Esco’s sandpaper lined voice box has produced some of the illest bars in hip-hop history. Mr. Jones’ uncanny wordplay is unquestioned and his raspy vocals have only added to the legend.

Busta Rhymes

Sure Redman says he originated, “all that wild sh^t, that raah, raah sh^t,” but Mr. Rhymes perfected it. Busta’s boisterous pipes have been an unmistakable element of hip-hop since the late ‘80s. Woohah!

Slick Rick

Slick’s British accent and lackadaisical diction made him one of the most stand out rappers of hip-hop’s golden era.


Who knew having a voice that sounds like you are in the final stages of emphysema would be a draw to rap fans. Kiss’ gravelly 16s prove hip-hop fans like the rough stuff.

The Notorious B.I.G.

There had been a list of overweight rappers putting it down before Christopher Wallace stepped on the scene, but none of them had a the heavyweight nasal flow of Frank White.


Fiend’s rap voice almost doesn’t seem fit for human vocal chords. The New Orleans spitter’s vocal roar is potent enough to make a drill sergeant proud.


Guru had the brash delivery of a college professor with the voice of a hardened prison warden who smoked a pack of Newports a day since his youth.


Dark Man X’s bark and vocal presence demand attention. Very few artists can seize the engrossment of an audience with simply the sound of their guttural voice, like Earl.


Shaken and at times slurred, Big Baby Jesus’ rap voice was interesting to say the least. The Wu’s wiliest member may have had the most intoxicating articulation ever. Pun intended.


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