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Christopher “Baby Gangsta” Dorsey wants no part of your barber. The New Orleans rapper is on borrowed time in a very real way and the whirlwind schedule has left him very little time to tighten his braids, so a stylist is hard at working parting his scalp between interviews. Someone jokes that he might be the last rapper with braids left and suggests maybe he cut them off to simplify his life and he offers an incredulous look saying “I like my hair.”

Having a pretty girl play in your hair is one of those perks of growing up in the ‘hood and B.G. isn’t about to give that up before he has to. Just days before this interview he was arrested in his hometown for gun possession, a charge that could land him back in jail for a very long time if it sticks. But today the only thing on his mind is his new album, Too Good 2 Be Hollywood and well, his hair…

So B.G. took a few minutes with to talk about the new album, the perception of rappers in the penal system, post-Katrina New Orleans and his late friend Soulja Slim who was murdered six years ago this month.

“Ain’t like I stay in the ‘hood. I live in the estates, all of my neighbors is white.  I lay my head there, but when I get up I go to the hood…” – B.G.