It’s been 20 years since Gerald Maxwell  Rivera graced us with his critically acclaimed debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite. Released during neo-soul’s rise…

Could 2016 be the year we get that long awaited “Hot Boyz” reunion??? Well Juvie & Mannie Fresh seem to think it’s possible. Let’s not forget, BG is currently serving a sentence. Not sure if Wayne & Turk would participate, but I’d buy it. Like stand in line for Jordans, and wait for it to […]

Lil Wayne and B.G. was once a rap group called the B.G.’z. BG was once known by the alias “Doggie.” He and Lil Wayne was to record the album True Story but Wayne’s mother did not want Lil Wayne spitting such graphic lyrics. During this time is when the name BG was given to Doggie […]


Blast from the past! B.G. made an appearance in Vegas with Baby/Birdman.