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Michael Jackson In Denial About His Death On South Park

By Jerry Barrow


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“Death be not proud” but for the creators of South Park it always makes for a good joke. In October 8th’s episode from the 13th season of the animated comedy, “Dead Celebrities” those unfortunate kids from Colorado find themselves haunted by the number of famous faces that have passed on this year. Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett, David Carradine and yes, Michael Jackson all become punchlines in the latest jaw-dropping episode.

The King Of Pop is in denial of his own death (quoting his famous “you’re just ignorant” line from previous episodes) and his soul possesses Ike’s body so he can relive his childhood and enter a beauty pageant.

I was personally more entertained by the digs at The Airline industry and the Chipotle food chain, which are both intelligently victimized by the the South Park writers as well.

Here is a clip below but you can watch the entire episode HERE at


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