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And here we go. Mathew Knowles‘ jumpoff Alexsandra Wright is claiming that she delivered their baby boy last Thursday. Which would make Beyonce and Solange Knowles big sisters. And Tina Knowles the newest member of the “I don’t give a damn because his ass cheated on me” crew.

Guess what the baby’s name is? Nixon. Priceless. Alex says Baby Knowles got that name because she and Mathew were watching the movie Frost/Nixon and decided on this name together. Of course, Mathew’s reps told TMZ that he knows nothing about a baby being born and says the rumors are untrue:

“We are not aware of the birth of a child. Mr. Knowles has never had a DNA test. These rumors are untrue.”

Notice Papa Knowles isn’t denying chopping her down. Where is Maury when you need him?

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