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Our good folks over at caught up with rapper Lil Wayne and his entourage to see what he’s been up to after being sentenced to 1 year in prison. Check out the article below:

It’s hard to say that Lil Wayne has been working overtime in preparation for his 12-month prison sentence, since the guy always works overtime. But on Tuesday, Wayne will be forced to take a break when he goes to prison for felony gun possession.


Wayne’s Rebirth LP just came out last week, and under normal circumstances, he would still be on the road. He had a short run of dates around Christmas with his all-star cast of rookies, Young Money.


“The tour was crazy,” Nicki Minaj told us earlier this week. “This last tour, I was only able to go out with them twice. It was the same energy. I don’t know how he does it with that amount of time [onstage]. His shows are always exciting.”


Since the tour ended, Weezy has spent most of his time in Miami. He’s been recording Tha Carter IV and shooting videos for the Young Money songs “Girl I” and “Roger That.” The latter plays off the film “Sin City.”


“When it’s Young Money/ Cash Money, it’s a lot of enjoyment,” DJ Scoob Doo said of the collective’s video sets. Scoob, who has been traveling with Wayne and company since last year, is the filmmaker behind the up-close-and-personal “Nino Brown Story” DVD series. The second installment was released January 22, and Scoob has been shooting with Weezy for the third. “It’s not a set where it’s a lot of tension. People wanna be there. It’s good energy.”


Scoob said when Wayne’s not working, he spends his downtime watching ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” “He can tell you what the sportscaster is about to say, the moves the players make [in the highlights] and how many times they replayed it,” Scoob laughed. “Lot of fun. It’s a good thing.”


In late January, Wayne went to his hometown of New Orleans to see his team, the Minnesota Vikings (he’s a Brett Favre fan), take on the Saints in the NFC championship game. When Favre and company lost, Wayne was none too pleased.


Days later, Weezy hit Atlanta to shoot two videos: one with Playaz Circle and the other with Shawty Lo.



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