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As was the case with the hard rock era, Hip Hop has been under the microscope for its ability to allow artists to freely express themselves.

And at the end of the day, who really wants someone to have the freedom to say what they actually think and believe…this is America people!  Why be creative when someone can always toe tap for good ole massa?

In expression, there happens to be a lot of kind words for some, but there are explicit words for others and a rapper finds a way to maintain that balance, although the mainstream perceives it as creating a negative mentality for the youth.

Participating in an event hosted by BMI during the Grammy Awards weekends, Common and Nas spoke on how emotions play out on wax.

“As human beings, we feel different things throughout the day, said Common. “Some days, and some moments of the day, you might feel like ‘Ah, it’s a beautiful sun out there’.  Then you might get into an argument with your lady and start feeling pissed off…”

Living in a country where speech is meant to be supported, but is still monitored when an opinion is taken a little too far, America continues to be an area of contradiction and full of blame without providing an avenue for growth.

But what else is new right?


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