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Hello Madd Hatta Morning Show! I am excited to tell you my love story simply because I still cannot believe it myself. It started when I was just a nerdy sophomore entering in the halls of Aldine High School for the very first time. I was not looking for a boyfriend nor was it on my mind. I was a “good girl” and I truly did think that boys were trouble; therefore, I kept my eyes to the floor and stayed focused on my studies. (Thaaaat Issss Uuuntil my second week….lol)

While me and my friend were in the front office waiting to meet my new mentor, I felt something like a strong force. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was a mix of sweet music and a powerful force pulling my attention (not my body). I immediately turned and I saw a light blue cloudy looking shirt turn the corner. That moment was like slow motion and high speed all in one. I screamed to my friend, “There goes my husband, there goes my husband!” She looked and me and like any normal fifteen year old she was ecstatic. I was determined to figure out who was the mysterious force in a cloudy blue shirt. The next I went to the same spot by the front office at the same time to see if he would return. He did. This time our encounter was alot more special. I saw his face and looked into his eyes and he smiled at me and did a lil “wassup” nod. I did nothing back. For a month I went to the same spot at the same time to get the same smile and lil “wassup” nod. I melted everytime.

It had gotten so crazy where I could be thinking about him and he would walk by my class. Eventually, I would have a class with him(Theater Arts) and I never did talk or speak to him. I was going around school telling everyone I was in love with him and that we would one day be together but I was too afraid to tell him. He graduated that same year and I cried. I was still in love with him. I thought about him everyday and I planned how many children we would have and all of their names. I could go through all of the details of how I stalked him and how I pranked called his house but I’m not.(lol)

The most important thing is after 5 years of having a crush on him and seeing him in what I call “our divine moments,” I still felt empty. I believed in my heart that I needed to see him and tell him how I felt. After months of trying to track him down, I finally did and we spoke over the phone briefly and decided to meet. When I heard the knock on the door, my heart was beating fast. I was no longer the little nerd shy girl he had seen in the hallway. What would he think? I peeked out the blinds and that force came back.

When I opened the door his eyes said it all. He was very surprised and satisfied might I add. There was a quick hug and I invited him in. I asked him did he remember me, and he said yes. I asked him did he know I liked him and he said yes because that whole time he liked me too. My jaw dropped and I could not believe what he was saying. He talked for hours and I listened for hours. I just loved to watch him. When it was time for him to leave he put his chain on my neck and we all know what that means. April 16 2005 was the day we met and May 31,2005 was the day we married. We are now coming up on our 5th anniversary and our love is still strong.

I love that man with all my heart and I thank God for blessing me with a man who respects me as a woman. He rubs my feet, massages my back, he makes me laugh, he is a wonderful provider and father to our two toddlers and he always has a daily scripture for me when he comes home from work. I am truly blessed to have met and married my soulmate already. We are truly in love!

Kristy Garrett and Gary Garrett

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