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Drake is the cover star on the next issue of Complex. Check out the photo shoot and excerpts from the article here!

What about when you fell onstage in New Jersey and injured your knee?

Drake: That never happened. [Laughs.]

During the recovery phase, what was going through your mind, in terms of your career?

Drake: I was going so hard that the only way I could have ever slowed down was for something extremely painful to happen. I’m just glad I only tore my ACL and didn’t get shot or stabbed or anything. It was an injury that allowed me time for discipline. That was somebody watching over me and being like, “Look, you need to slow down.” If that had kept up, and I had done 50 or 60 shows before I tore my ACL, and I was at all these parties…I don’t know, man. I don’t know if I’d be where I’m at right now. As crazy as it may sound, I think that was how it was supposed to go. It was painful.

I can imagine.

Drake: Extremely painful. I fought with my managers, like, “You don’t understand, I can’t do this tour.” Then I went and saw a doctor who gave me advice like, “If you don’t move around too much and you wear a brace, you’ll be fine.” But this is what I love to do. So when “Best I Ever Had” comes on, I can’t help but run around. That’s my fuckin’ song! I got 25,000 people that actually want to hear me perform. But it was a reality check: Sit the fuck down. The interesting thing is gonna be my new performance style. It’s not gonna be the same Drake jumping on speakers and running to each side of the stage—well, not for a while. I’m gonna have to get a little Jay-Z influence on my performance style; hopefully my records will be powerful enough to carry the show.

Here’s the shoot:

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